There’s still some hope

You tell me that you’re hopeless,

You want your life less than your death,

But if you jumped into a pool right now,

I know you’d hold your breath.

So I know that it’s not hopeless,

But that your hope’s just hard to find,

And if I showed you all you can become,

I know you’d change your mind.

You might have hit rock bottom,

But it’s the perfect place to start,

Where the only thing that you can hear,

Is the beating of your heart.

You have to almost lose it,

To remember what you’ve had,

And that there’s been a share of good times,

Mixed in between the bad.

So don’t wait for the ending,

Until your last breath starts to leave,

Before you finally remember,

How much you like to breathe.


         Love and hate

             ~ Harshita

                            Ps: (Stop being tormented by everyone’s reaction to you)


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